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Women's History Month Book Giveaway

It’s women’s history month and we’re thinking about these three extraordinary women:

Ona Judge, George and Martha Washington’s slave who dared to run away from the most powerful family in the country for the hope of freedom.

Mitza Maric, Albert Einstein’s wife, who was a genius in her own right.

Inga Arvid, John F. Kennedy’s true love, or his first love, but also an actress, a foreign correspondent, a Washington columnist, and a suspected Nazi spy. 

Join us in celebrating all the trailblazing women whose stories deserve to be told by entering to win one of these three great books. Just follow us on Twitter or retweet this giveaway announcement by noon EST on March 15, 2017. We'll randomly select three winners who can choose one of the three books above they'd like to receive. 

Elana Roth Parker